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Arctic Gro Soil Booster

Arctic Gro

$19.99 - $126.99
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Ingredients: 30% Fava, 30% Austrian Peas, 40% Oats

Green manure formula is designed to germinate well in cool Alaskans soil, Builds nitrogen, organic matter, and beneficial microbes, smother weeds and winter kill.

Application Rate: 3-5lbs per 1,000 sq ft

A good product to mix with the soil booster would be the Burpee Pea/Bean Booster (SKU # 836001) Improve plant growth and increase yields of beans and peas organically.This organic formula infuses soil with millions of live nitrogen-fixing bacteria so the roots of peas and beans can convert and use free atmospheric nitrogen. Sprinkle the organic granules in furrow as you sow to improve plant growth and boost yields.