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Comfy Cone, Black

Comfy Cone

$22.59 - $80.99
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The Comfy Cone is a soft, cone-shaped e-collar that helps your pets recover from surgeries, procedures, allergies and hot spots in comfort.

At All Four Paws, we’ve designed The Comfy Cone with innovative and practical features that will help your pet recover and heal post-procedure or during allergy flare-ups.

All Comfy Cones are made with foam-backed, padded nylon that is easy to clean and is water-resistant and repellent. The tight gauge of the nylon even prevents cats from getting their claws into the material! The Comfy Cone uses Velcro for tight closures, making it easy to get the cone on and off animals quickly. And the cone can be reversed inside and out, as well as front to back to support shoulder and upper back injuries.

The Comfy Cone comes with three sizing strips that let you adjust the size of the cone for a secure fit. Along with the sizing strips, each cone comes with removable plastic stays that let you determine how structured the cone should be for your pet. Remove the stays for a more flexible cone and keep them in for firmer structure, like when a pet has had eye surgery. Once the stays are removed, the Comfy Cone can even be folded back for added freedom while eating and drinking or when checking wounds and irritations. All Comfy Cones have a reflective edge for safety and elastic loops at the neck to thread your pet’s collar through.

It’s perfect to use during recovery as well as during playtime at home or at the park.

Sizing Chart:  Minium-Maxium Size

Small: 10"-12.5" Inches

Medium: 13.5"-15.75" Inches

Large: 15"-18.5" Inches

Extra Large: 18.5"-23.25" inches

Extra Extra Large: 22"-28.25"