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Gentle Leader® Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar, Black


$15.99 - $16.99
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If your dog lunges and jumps when he sees squirrels (and sniffs other dogs), the Gentle Leader® Headcollar is the perfect solution for teaching better leash manners. Use this training tool for your most determined puller while still allowing him full range of motion to bark, eat, drink and play fetch.

The Gentle Leader® Headcollar loops around your dog’s nose instead of his neck or shoulders like other harnesses. This means when your dog pulls, the headcollar gently moves his head toward you so he can refocus his attention on you and away from the tempting squirrels and distracting smells.

The best part is, once your dog is a champ at walk etiquette, you will probably only have to use the headcollar as a backup during situations when you need a little more control, like vet visits or dog park play dates.

This headcollar is vet recommended, trainer designed and dog parent trusted. If you accidentally purchase the wrong size, or if your dog mistakes his headcollar for a chew toy, our Customer Care experts are happy to assist with replacements or resizing. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Minimizes pulling for better leash manners
  • Vet recommended and trainer designed
  • Padded neoprene nose loop for ultimate comfort
  • Quick-snap neck strap and adjustable nose loop for easy fitting in minutes
  • Designed with minimal straps to keep your dog cool
  • Rests across your dog’s nose instead of throat to stop gagging and choking
  • Durable nylon
  • Allows full range of motion to bark, eat, drink and play while wearing the headcollar

More Information

How Does a Gentle Leader Work?

The Gentle Leader® Headcollar is a no-pull solution to help improve your dog’s leash manners for happier walks together. When your dog pulls, the Gentle Leader® Headcollar gently puts pressure on his nose to move his head and redirect his attention back toward you. By redirecting a dog’s attention toward you, your dog’s natural urge to pull against the pressure is disrupted. This allows you to have control during the walk while also communicating to your dog that you’ve got his back and everything is okay.

How to Use the Gentle Leader

Use the Gentle Leader® Headcollar on walks with your best friend. We do not recommend using the headcollar for jogging, running, bike attachments or couplers. Make sure that you never jerk or yank on the leash when it’s connected to your dog’s headcollar.

It will take some time for your dog to adjust to the Gentle Leader® Headcollar. To help your dog get used to the headcollar, make sure you’ve got plenty of treats and give him lots of praise. If he’s not comfortable wearing the headcollar, let him play or eat dinner while wearing the headcollar to help him become acclimated.

For more information about the Gentle Leader® and how to use it, please visit our support site.

How to Put on the Gentle Leader

The Gentle Leader® Headcollar is easy to put on your dog. Unclip the quick-snap buckle, fasten it high on your dog’s neck, and check to make sure that only one finger fits between the collar strap and your dog’s neck. For more detailed information about properly fitting your dog’s headcollar, please visit our support site to learn how to fit the Gentle Leader® Headcollar.

Sizing Chart

Size Weight
Petite under 5 pounds
Small up to 25 pounds
Medium 25 - 60 pounds
Large 60 - 130 pounds
Extra Large over 130 pounds