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Whole Barley, 50lb

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply

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All About It

Our Whole Barley, proudly made in Alaska, brings you the goodness of natural ingredients and over 50 years of nutritional expertise in every bag. This wholesome barley mixture is more than just feed; it's a testament to our commitment to your animal's well-being.

Why You'll Love It

  • Nature's Goodness: Our Whole Barley is crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring your animals receive a diet that supports their immune and digestive health. Say goodbye to artificial flavors, animal by-products, colors, preservatives, or antibiotics. We believe in the pure, unadulterated nutrition nature provides.
  • Alaskan Expertise: With over five decades of experience in nutrition, we understand what it takes to keep your animals healthy and thriving. Trust in the wisdom of our Alaskan heritage to nourish your animals.

How to Use It

Feeding your animals with our Whole Barley is easy and convenient:

  1. Store the feed in a clean, dry, and cool location to maintain its freshness.
  2. Provide your animals with the recommended amount based on their size and dietary needs.
  3. Observe your animals enjoying the wholesome goodness of Whole Barley.

The Specs

  • Crude Protein: Not less than 10.50%
  • Crude Fat: Not less than 1.80%
  • Crude Fiber: Not more than 6.00%

Additional Resources

Elevate your animals' nutrition with Alaska-made Whole Barley. Experience the benefits of natural ingredients and decades of nutritional expertise in every bag. Give your animals the best, because they deserve nothing less. Your path to animal wellness starts here.

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Return Policy


  • Unopened products may be returned with the original sales receipt
  • Opened/Used products are SUBJECT TO MANUFACTURER POLICY (If there is no manufacturer policy, we will be happy to return them as long as they are in like-new condition including all instructions and hardware and accompanied by a receipt)