Little Giant Plastic Queen Excluder Plastic Mesh Queen Barrier

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Little Giant Plastic Queen Excluder Plastic Mesh Queen Barrier for Beekeeping

  • PRECISE FOR THE QUEEN - The precise hole sizes in this mesh prevent the queen from producing brood in the honey supers. It allows the worker bees to move throughout the hive while preventing the queen from moving upward out of the brood box.
  • HIVE COMPATIBLE - This cover is the appropriate size for a 10-frame Little Giant hive which is sold separately. It can also be used on custom-built bee hives.
  • EASY-TO-USE - It can be used by any beekeeper, simply add it on the top of your hive's brood box. This is a great addition to a bee keeping starter kit or standard beehive supplies.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This mesh excluder tool is made of durable, lightweight injection-molded plastic. It is easy-to-clean and lies flat on the brood box.
  • IDEAL SIZE - This plastic queen excluder is an average size and can be added to your hive or starter kit right out of the box!

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