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Little Giant Hive Tool Metal Beehive and Frame Tool

Miller Manufacturing Company

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Little Giant Hive Tool Metal Beehive and Frame Tool for Beekeeping 

  • HIVE TOOL - The Little Giant Hive Tool is a versatile multi-tasker complete with a scrLittle Giantng edge, nail-pulling hole, and an angled end that is designed specifically to fit on a hive frame and help pry it loose.
  • EASY-TO-USE - The beveled edge for this tool makes scrLittle Giantng off excess wax or propolis on frames an easier task. The angled end is made to help when prying apart frames.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - This beekeeper's pick is made with a durable and sturdy metal prong.
  • IDEAL SIZE - This tool is 10 inches long, making it great for getting into a beehive and moving frames that may be lodged or stuck with honey.
  • KIT ADDITION - This metal frame tool is a great addition to any keeper's starter kit or general supplies and equipment. It helps to make the process of removing frames from the box a touch easier during bee keeping.