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Little Giant Metal Frame Grip Beehive Frame Tool

Miller Manufacturing Company

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Little Giant Metal Frame Grip Beehive Frame Tool for Beekeeping 

  • FRAME GRIP - This metal tool helps you to hold your frame securely during hive inspection or harvesting.
  • HELPFUL SYSTEM - This metal grip is especially helpful for beginners that make be new to frame handling.
  • EASY-TO-USE - This metal grip easily lifts a frame out of the hive box, when necessary for inspection of the hive or honey by a beekeeper.
  • ACCESSIBLE DESIGN - The one-handed design makes it so frames can be removed quickly and easily, the grip can be taken from hive to hive in a field or backyard.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Like our other supplies, this tool is made with durable metal construction, and is a great addition to any beekeeper's supply kit.