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Garden Gypsum Fertilizer (Organic, 6lbs)


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All About It

Espoma Garden Gypsum Fertilizer is a game-changer for organic gardening, delivering a powerful blend of nutrients and soil-enhancing properties. This 6-pound package is a testament to Espoma's commitment to providing top-tier solutions for your garden's needs. From addressing specific nutrient deficiencies to transforming heavy, clay soil into a thriving foundation for your plants, this organic fertilizer is your ally in cultivating a vibrant and healthy garden.

Why You'll Love It

  • Certified Organic: Approved for organic gardening, Espoma Garden Gypsum Fertilizer is part of Espoma's line of organic plant foods. You can trust that your garden is being enriched with 100% organic nutrients, free from fillers or sludges.
  • Versatile Solutions: This diversified product selection offers versatile solutions for your garden. Whether you're tackling nutrient deficiencies, dealing with compacted clay soil, or aiming to promote robust root growth, Espoma Garden Gypsum Fertilizer has you covered.
  • Pelletized Convenience: The pelletized form of this fertilizer ensures easy and precise application. Say goodbye to messy applications and hello to a convenient gardening experience.
  • Soil-Boosting Properties: Beyond its role as a fertilizer, Espoma Garden Gypsum is designed to loosen heavy clay soils. It's the perfect remedy for compacted soil, creating a well-aerated environment that encourages plant roots to thrive.

How to Use It

Using Espoma Garden Gypsum Fertilizer is a breeze. Simply follow the recommended application rates on the packaging. Whether you're enriching your soil, addressing nutrient deficiencies, or promoting root growth, the pelletized form ensures even distribution and optimal results. See your garden transform as it absorbs the goodness of this organic fertilizer.

The Specs

  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Form: Pelletized
  • Composition: 100% organic nutrients
  • Approved For: Organic gardening

Additional Resources

Discover expert tips on organic gardening, learn about the science behind the product, and access valuable insights into creating a thriving garden ecosystem. Espoma is not just a fertilizer; it's a partner in your journey to cultivate a garden that flourishes naturally and sustainably.

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