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Victor Pestchaster Rodent Repeller, 3pk

Victor Pest

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These repellents may be small in size, but they are mighty in their rodent repelling capabilities. Victor PestChasers are ideal for repelling mice from medium-sized rooms including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Each PestChaser is capable of repelling mice and rats from a single room. While the high-frequency noise is very loud to rodents, the sound is inaudible to humans. For the best results, place several throughout your home to provide maximum coverage as the high-frequency noise cannot travel through walls, floors, or furniture.

PestChaser Rodent Repellents are designed to be both non-toxic and poison-free, making them a smart choice for homes with kids and pets. While humans can’t hear the irritating noise the PestChasers use to make mice and rats turn tail and run away some pets might find the noise irritating. Avoid placing PestChasers in the same room as your pet rodents and rabbits.