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Zareba 4 Volt Solar Replacement Battery


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Is your charger worn out or not working at its full capacity? This 4 Volt Replacement Battery will get your charger back in perfect working order. This replacement battery is designed for use with ESP2M-FS, ESP2M-Z, SS-440, and SS-740 chargers. A few things you should know when repairing a charger: Most chargers can hold a charge long after they have been unplugged or disconnected from the battery. An unplugged charger can still shock you. The consumer assumes all risk when repairing or utilizing a charger that has been “repaired” or modified. In addition, once the charger has been opened all warranties are null and void and state of federal inspections and approvals (such as UL, CE) are terminated.

  • 4-volt output rating
  • Color: Black
  • Replacement battery for ESP2M-FS, ESP2M-Z, SS-440, and SS-740 chargers