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Enzymatic Ear Solution (Hydrocortisone Free, 1.25 oz)


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All About It

Introducing ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution, the pinnacle of care for your beloved dogs and cats. This Hydrocortisone-Free formula, presented in a convenient 1.25 oz size, is a revolutionary ear cleaner designed to provide unparalleled relief for irritated or infected ears. The innovative approach of Zymox sets it apart, offering a no-sting formula and a gentle touch for your pet's ears.

Why You'll Love It

  • Hydrocortisone-Free Relief: Tailored for Hydrocortisone-sensitive pets, this ear solution delivers effective relief without the use of Hydrocortisone. Say goodbye to itchy ears with a formula that soothes without causing discomfort.
  • No-Pre-Cleaning Necessity: Zymox's patented LP3 Enzyme Solution eliminates the need for pre-cleaning or intrusive measures in sore ears. The natural enzymes unleash powerful cleaning, maximizing efficiency without traumatizing your pet during the process.
  • Gentle and Non-Toxic: Crafted with care, Zymox Ear Solution is composed of safe, gentle, and non-toxic ingredients. Your pet's ears and skin are treated with the utmost care, preventing irritation and ensuring a comfortable experience.

How to Use It

Caring for your pet's ears has never been simpler. Apply the solution generously to uncleaned ears, ensuring the ear canal is adequately filled. Gently massage underneath the ear to facilitate the solution's journey, initiating the process of clearing away buildup. The one-step application makes ear care effortless and efficient.

The Specs

  • Size: 1.25 oz
  • Hydrocortisone: 0.5% (Hydrocortisone-Free option available)
  • No-Sting Formula: Yes
  • LP3 Enzyme System: Patented, naturally-occurring proteins

Additional Resources

Discover insights into the advanced LP3 Enzyme System, understand the science behind our natural enzymes, and explore tips for optimal application. Recurrent ear issues can now be a thing of the past, thanks to the groundbreaking technology that Zymox brings to your pet's care routine.

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