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Rescue Ant Baits


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RESCUE! Ant Baits - Ant Killer, Indoor Use, Ant Trap Alternative - 6 Bait Stations

  • CHILD-RESISTANT - Lab tested against child tampering, our indoor ant bait stations are perfect for homes with children and pets. Borax is a natural ant killer and is toxic to ants, NOT children and pets.
  • MESS-FREE - Ant Baits stations are ready to use and activate with no set up and no spilling or leaking. Place them anywhere you see ants and without the mess.
  • KILLS THE COLONY - Foraging ants take sugar ant bait gel or protein bait to the nest, feeding all the members. Sugar bait is fed to workers, protein bait is fed to larvae and the queen - thus sharing the poison bait with the entire colony.
  • FAST-ACTING ANT BAIT GEL - Better than ant traps or liquid bait, our ant bait gel is easily carried to the nest for fast knockdown of the colony. Ants find the bait fast and are visibly diminished in days.
  • YEAR-ROUND ANT KILLER - Each RESCUE! Ant Bait provides sugar gel and protein bait, killing more ants in every season. Our bait is more effective at killing ants than sugar ant traps and liquid sugar baits. More members of the colony consume the borax ant killer bait faster with RESCUE!.