All Pro Weed & Feed (13-0-0, 40lb, 10,000 sq.ft.)

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All About It

Discover the power of All Pro Weed & Feed 13-0-0, a specially blended formula designed to control broadleaf weeds while nourishing your turf effectively. Whether you have a home lawn, sports field, or business park, this weed and feed solution is the ideal choice for maintaining a healthy and vibrant turf area.

Why You'll Love It

  • Dual Functionality: All Pro Weed & Feed combines the benefits of a weed killer and a fertilizer in one convenient product. Save time and effort by targeting broadleaf weeds while simultaneously feeding your existing grass.
  • Fast-Release Nitrogen: With 13% fast-release nitrogen, this formula provides an immediate nutrient boost to support healthy plant growth and help your grass fill in bare spots.
  • Effective Weed Control: Contains Trimec herbicide, a powerful ingredient known for its broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds. Say goodbye to unsightly weeds and enjoy a cleaner, more uniform turf appearance.
  • No Phosphorus: All Pro Weed & Feed 13-0-0 is phosphorus-free, making it suitable for areas where phosphorus use is restricted.
  • Suitable for All Turf Areas: Whether you have a residential lawn, a sports field, or a business park, this product is formulated to be used on all turf areas.

How to Use It

  1. Apply All Pro Weed & Feed 13-0-0 to dry turf or foliage.
  2. Ensure thorough irrigation immediately after application to activate the product and minimize any potential staining.
  3. Use a spreader to evenly distribute the product across your turf, following the recommended application rates.
  4. Sweep walkways before irrigation to prevent staining and ensure walkways are dry during application.
  5. Apply the product four to five times yearly as part of a comprehensive turf care program.
  6. Enjoy controlled feeding for 4-6 weeks, promoting healthy plant growth and minimizing weed presence.

The Specs

  • Features 6-0-2 NPK ratio for a healthy plant, 100% fast-release nitrogen, contains Trimec broadleaf herbicide, contains no phosphorus, suitable for all turf areas
  • Application Rates Turfgrass: 4 lbs./1000 sq ft, 350 lbs/acre
  • Guaranteed Analysis 13% Total Nitrogen (N), 0% Available Phosphate (P2O5), 3% Soluble Potash (K2O), 10.8% Sulfur (S)
  • Product Weight 40lbs (18.1kg)
  • Coverage Up to 10,000 square feet

Additional Resources

Experience the power of All Pro Weed & Feed 13-0-0, the ultimate solution for controlling broadleaf weeds and promoting a healthy turf—benefit from its fast-release nitrogen, effective weed control, and suitability for all turf areas. Achieve a lush, weed-free lawn that stands out for all the right reasons.

Note: Always follow the provided application precautions and directions for optimal results. Keep the product away from pools and take appropriate measures to prevent staining.

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