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Local Brome Hay Bale (55lb)

Gerald Devilbiss

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All About It

Discover the exceptional quality of Local Brome Hay Bale, a nutritious and palatable cool-season grass that's perfect for your livestock's dietary needs. Brome grass, often known as smooth Brome, is highly regarded for its clean and digestible characteristics, making it an ideal choice for hay production. When properly managed, this hay provides an excellent source of nutrition for your animals, ensuring their health and vitality.

Why You'll Love It

  • Top-Quality Nutrition: Local Brome Hay offers outstanding nutritional value with a relative feed value (RFV) typically ranging from 90 to 100. It provides a well-balanced diet for your livestock, helping them thrive.
  • High Digestibility: This hay is highly digestible, making it easier for your animals to extract essential nutrients. It's a smart choice for maintaining their overall health and well-being.
  • Protein-Rich: With protein levels greater than 8%, Local Brome Hay ensures that your animals receive the necessary proteins to support their growth and energy needs.

How to Use It

Using Local Brome Hay is simple:

  1. Unpack the hay bale in your designated feeding area.
  2. Provide the hay to your livestock in appropriate quantities, considering their dietary requirements.
  3. Watch your animals enjoy the delicious and nutritious forage.

The Specs

  • Hay Type: Brome grass (Smooth Brome).
  • Bale Weight: 55 pounds.
  • Dimensions: Each bale measures 38 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 15 inches in height.

Additional Resources

Elevate your livestock's diet with Local Brome Hay Bale, a premium source of nutrition that promotes their health and vitality. With its exceptional quality, high digestibility, and protein-rich content, this hay is the ideal choice for ensuring your animals receive the best possible forage. Invest in their well-being with the superior nutrition of Local Brome Hay.

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