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Luster Leaf Dial Compost Thermometer, 19 Inch

Luster Leaf

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Luster Leaf 1635 Dial Compost Thermometer, 19 Inch

  • Great tool for determining temp of compost pile
  • Easy to read dial allows viewing from top of device
  • 19” Stainless Steel probe
  • Dial gives soil temp recommendations for several plant varieties
  • Guidelines for germination and transplant temperatures included
  • Long probe length provides plenty of length to obtain proper readings
  • Specifically designed and calibrated for use in soil only
  • From Rapitest – The Leaders in Soil Testing
  • Rapid test dial compost thermometer
  • Easy to read dial gauge stainless steel thermometer with a 19 inches probe
  • 1 3/4 inches dial diameter that reads up to 220 degrees
  • 20 inches in length
  • The 19 inch stainless steel probe reaches deep into your compost pile to let you know what's going on the inside

Rapitest soil thermometers are a must have tool for determining soil temperature when planting in early season or transplanting.  Classic, Dial and Digital varieties are available along with a compost thermometer for use when composting.  All our thermometers are designed and calibrated to be used in soil.