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Re.Racks Antler Chews


$4.99 - $21.99
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re.racks (ree-rax): natural, recycled reindeer racks for your dog(s).

 The idea behind re.racks is that we are reusing a great, natural substance that would otherwise be left behind, discarded by reindeer at the end of their annual cycle. 
 True, antlers can be used for jewelry, taxidermy, furniture, etc.. however, as a dog lover (and owner of dogs who like to chew on my stuff..), a super tough, calcium rich piece of antler brings one thing to mind: DOG CHEW! This stuff definitely trumps a bone shaped piece of plastic (made in China??), or a rawhide that gets destroyed within 12 hours. Not to mention, reindeer are using these antlers year round, so not every antler is exactly pretty enough to mount over the fireplace. Your dog won't mind the rugged looking antler one bit, I promise.. 


Here are some of the great benefits of our tasty antler dog chews:

Antler chews will crumble, NOT splinter. This is a great alternative to bones, rawhides & bully sticks, which can cause some digestive problems.
The durability of an antler chew will depend on your dog (pit bull vs. yorkie).
However, the average life span of an appropriately sized chew* is 
approximately 4 days to 4 weeks.
Antlers will get soggy & crumbly during use, but rest assured, they don't stink!
These chews are naturally shed by reindeer & entirely free of chemicals or dyes. A product of U.S.A- straight from Alaska, handled & prepared in California.

*re.racks sizes are based on weight, we encourage that you take the time to choose the best fit for your pooch!