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Feline Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine

$18.99 - $31.99
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Feline Pine is an all-natural Pine litter that completely neutralizes odors, without any harsh chemicals. Feline Pine binds directly to ammonia particles and locks them away for good! If you take steps each day to keep your home healthy and safe, it's time to choose a litter that will make your job easier: Feline Pine.


Feline Pine has:

  • no harsh artificial fragrances
  • no dangerous silica dust
  • no unnatural chemical additives
  • virtually dust-free pellets

Feline Pine might seem different from traditional litters to you and your cat, and that's because it is. Once all the pellets have broken down, the entire box can be emptied into a compost or mulching pile, vastly reducing your cat's impact on landfills and the environment.