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Himalaya Pet Supply Happy Teeth, 4 oz Assorted Flavors

Himalayan Pet Supply

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Himalayan Pet Supply

Happy Teeth Natural Dog Chew

Flavors: Cheese, Bacon and Peanut Butter


This great tasting healthy chew has the texture of a loofah to aid in removing plaque and tartar. This is a healthy alternative to other dental chews, these treats are all natural. During our process all lactose is removed, leaving behind a delicious treat that is lactose free, Gluten free and free of all those disgusting preservatives and binding agents. 

These chews contain natural minerals that aid in growing and maintaining healthy teeth. They also contain natural enzymes that help clean teeth along side the loofah like texture that gets between teeth for an even cleaner clean. 

This is a chew that your dog will love, loaded with lots of flavor and none of the guilt about giving them a tasty treat. Fido will be none the wiser about the benefit of cleaning his teeth using a favorite treat.