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Himalayan Pet Supply Yogurt Sticks

Himalayan Pet Supply

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Himalayan Pet Supply - Yogurt Sticks


These health conscious pup treats are loaded with Prebiotics and Probiotics that help with gut health. They don't have any funky preservatives or artificial colors. These Yogurt sticks are  grain, corn, soy and gluten free. 

These soft dense treats are perfect for young or old dogs...but please no babies under the age of 12 weeks. 

These treats offer a healthy alternative to other treats they help boost your dogs immunities and they lead to a healthier coat and skin. These treats are all natural, limited ingredient and easily digestible. A healthy yummy treat you can feel good about giving to your special little, or maybe not so little guy. 

We have all the flavors and Fido definitely thanks us for this selection:

Plain, Bacon and Peanut Butter