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Pet Corrector

Company of Animals

$13.99 - $27.99
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All About It

Introducing the Company of Animals Pet Corrector, a revolutionary training tool designed to interrupt and redirect your dog's unwanted behaviors effectively. With over 4 million units sold worldwide, this hiss-emitting device has gained the trust of trainers and behaviorists. Whether you're dealing with excessive barking, stealing, jumping up, or house manners, the Pet Corrector offers a humane and efficient solution to foster positive behavior in your furry friend.

Why You'll Love It

  • Effective Intervention: The Pet Corrector utilizes a harmless hiss of compressed gas to interrupt behaviors like barking or jumping up, mimicking the natural warning sounds made by animals like cats or snakes. This distraction allows you to insert positive commands and reward your dog for the desired behavior.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Recommended by trainers and behaviorists globally, the Pet Corrector has proven success in modifying behaviors. It's a tool you can trust to assist in the training journey.
  • Versatile Training Tool: Tackling issues like excessive territorial barking, stealing, and jumping up is made easier with the Pet Corrector. It provides a safe and consistent way to communicate with your pet, fostering a harmonious living environment.

How to Use It

For optimal results, point the Pet Corrector away from your pet, issuing a correction when needed. It's crucial not to use it on young pets, noise-sensitive animals, or those with a nervous disposition. If anxiety-related behaviors are suspected, consult a vet or professional behaviorist. The provided product usage guide is a must-read for first-time users.

The Specs

  • Range: Available in three different sizes
  • Usage: Use sparingly and as directed in the product usage guide
  • Safety: Not recommended for young or noise-sensitive pets

Additional Resources

Explore the full Pet Corrector Range to find the perfect fit for your training needs. Enhance your training experience with the optional holster for convenient accessibility. Join countless satisfied users who have transformed their pet's behavior with the Company of Animals Pet Corrector. Discover a more harmonious relationship with your furry friend today.

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