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Sustane Turf Starter and Overseeder, 30lb


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Late Summer Turf Starter and Overseeder 4-6-4
Our Turf Starter is specifically formulated to be applied directly with grass seed. Sowing additional applications of grass seed to an existing lawn is one of the best ways to promote a thick lawn free of weeds, without the use of chemicals. Suståne 4-6-4 combines high quality compost with organic phosphorus from composted turkey litter to provide the unique conditions that grass needs in order to establish. The composting process fully stabilizes the fertilizer, making it safe so it will not burn the grass seed. This allows the nutrients and beneficial biology to be applied directly where the seedling needs it.

Apply anytime new grass seed is being established. Grass establishes best during the cool, wet weather in the spring and fall. 30 pounds covers up to 5,000 ft.2 For overseeding, mix 6 pounds of Suståne Turf Starter with enough grass seed to cover 1,000 ft2 (2.9 kg of Suståne with enough grass seed for 100 m2). Apply 10 pounds per 1,000 ft2 if grass clippings are removed or if the turf is heavily used or intensively managed.