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Airtight & Leakproof Lid

Gamma Seals

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All About It

Transform your standard utility bucket into a fortress of freshness with the Gamma Seals Airtight & Leakproof Lid. Designed to keep your pet food, livestock feed, charcoal, smoke chips, and more in pristine condition, this lid boasts Gamma Seal Technology for unbeatable freshness preservation. Crafted from heavy-duty BPA-free HDPE plastic, it's not just about convenience—it's about safety and reliability.

Why You'll Love It

  • Versatile Storage Solution: From pet food to household essentials, this lid turns any 3.5 to 7-gallon bucket into a secure storage container. Say goodbye to stale kibble and hello to long-lasting freshness!
  • Food-Safe Design: Crafted from food-grade materials, this lid is safe for storing both pet and human food. Keep your furry friends and family members happy and healthy with confidence.
  • Easy Installation: No complicated assembly required. Simply snap on the universal adapter ring, give it a spin, and watch as the lid creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness. It's easy-open, easy-close convenience at its finest.

How to Use It

  • Installation: Snap on the universal adapter ring onto the rim of your bucket, then effortlessly spin the lid into place for a snug, airtight fit.
  • Freshness Lock: With two gaskets and a threaded locking system, the Gamma Seal Lid ensures an airtight seal that keeps moisture and pests out, preserving the freshness of your stored goods for longer.

The Specs

  • Material: Heavy-duty BPA-free HDPE plastic
  • Compatibility: Fits 3.5 - 7 gallon buckets
  • Technology: Gamma Seal Technology for superior freshness preservation
  • Dimensions: Standard size for versatile use

Additional Resources

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